As an advertising executive for nearly 20 years. I hired thousands of actors to "represent" the face of my client. There are many reasons one person and only one person is the right fit for a brand. I can show you a number of athletes with social media accounts that show they are great sports stars. But that's not enough. Who you are matters.

I can help you navigate the waters of branding, creating your own brand and setting yourself up to be a successful NIL recipient.

Why does it pay to know about NIL?  Some athletes make more from endorsements than they do from their playing salary.  And others, well, they make NIL (nothing; naught; zero)   We want to focus on your name, your image and your likeness and create someone marketable. 

Your name.  You were born with it.  Sometimes people change it.  But it's yours.  As you build your character, you build your name.  You increase the value of your name being associated with something other than your own self.  Most of us don't know the name Bill Bowerman, but you know his product.  Names like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter are all better known names.  So Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight pay for those names (and many others) to make their product a household name.  And you certainly know the product, it's NIKE!  The image of those people wearing NIKE gear gets used in advertising and promotional material in an effort to sway more people to buy NIKE merchandise.   How do you get that deal, or one like it?  All of your cloths, the food you eat, the shows you watch, the places you visit, your gear, all sponsor athletes, actors, models and even instagram influencers.  They trade a value for those people to endorse their product or services.  The list is literally endless with opportunity. 

Professional athletes have been benefiting from endorsement money for a long time.  But as of July 1, 2021, the NCAA allowed student athletes to benefit from NIL deals.  And in California, even High School kids can benefit from NIL deals.   But the rules are tricky and securing a deal, even if you are a top 5 player, can still be complicated.

Work your brand.  

Getting paid to be who you already are sounds too good to be true!
 Because it is.
 Like everything else, it takes work.